About the TravelPost postal delivery service

This story began in 2017 when Yaroslav’s (one of the TravelPost co-founders) friend got a need to send some organic items abroad. That was 100 g corn to be tested by his client’s laboratory. None of the shipping companies accepted the parcel, since its content was forbidden by the internal rules. The important deal might be broken because of red tape. He drove through the city and called every company possible trying to find a carrier. But the deal was saved by a friend who was going to have vacations in the necessary city.

This situation triggered an idea of a mobile app that would help to find a traveler with free space in the luggage. This app would help that traveler to cover the trip costs, while the senders would be able to send untypical things like aquarium fish or a kitten. Or some glass bottles awaited by a grandma in a village; some homemade food for a son who studies far away and eats fast-food only.

We didn’t try to make yet another parcel shipping service. We strived to create an international community of travelers who help people to make their dreams come true. Doing so by delivering such things as love, care, and help.

Physical signs of care mean much more than an electronic message. Any traveler is able to deliver those signs in case the traditional shipping companies can’t.

So TravelPost was founded in April 2018.

Let’s create this story together!